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help The Pioneer SE-MJ711 Bass Head headphones are comfortable on-ear headphones, suited for use with your smartphone or MP3 player. They are perfect if you like music with hard beats and lots of low frequencies. These headphones are light of weight, but Herz
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    help SPL Preference Mic Preamps De-Esser AES - Modell 1229, Vorverstärker und De-Esser Kombo, Ausstattung Preference Preamp: Vorverstärkung bis zu +72dB, Eingangsübersteuerungsfestigkeit +18 dBu, VU-Meter mit zwei Anzeigemodi für Durchschnittspegel (VU) und Spitzenpegel (PPM), Stabile Phantomspeisung (48V), Phasenumkehrschalter, Hochpassfilter, Signal-LED, Übersteuerungs-LED, Austtatung Dual-Band De-Esser: Set-and-Forget-De-Esser, Automatische Zischlauterkennung, Zischlautentfernung durch Phasenauslöschung, Zwei separat schaltbare Bänder für präzise und zugleich vielseitige Anwendung, Bedienung reduziert auf einen Knopf pro Band (Reduktionsintensität), Auto-Threshold hält Bearbeitung auch bei schwankendem Abstand zum Mikro konstant, Eingang: XLR-Anschluss, elektronisch symmetriert, Impedanz symmetrisch: ca. 3,2 kOhm (Pre Amp), ca. 20 kOhm (De-Esser), Ausgang: XLR-Anschluss, elektronisch symmetriert, Impedanz symmetrisch: ca. 150 Ohm (Pre Amp), ca, 75 / > 600 Ohm (De-Esser), max. Ausgangspegel: +22 dBu, Ground Lift Schalter, Abmaße: 19" 1HE - UVP des Herstellers: 1044.00 EUR - Sie sparen: 18.67% Herz
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    help Top-Feature: Prefer Mode: Mit dieser Funktion lassen sich die Waschprogramme in der gewünschte Modus setzten: Leise, Express, Energiesparen Weitere Vorteile: 36 cm XXL Bullauge einfaches Beladen durch 36cm große und erhöhte Türöffnung Premium Pflegetrommel zur besonderen Schonung der Wäsche Schaum Aktiv Technologie: Die Schaum Aktiv-technologie erzeugt kleine Schaumblasen, indem die Waschmittellauge in einem Düsensystem mit Luft aufgeschäumt wird noch bevor der eigentliche Waschvorgang beginnt. Auf diese Weise durchdringt das schämende Waschmittel die Kleidung tiefer, gleichmäßiger und schneller. Dadurch wird die Wäsche schon bei Nedrigtemperaturen wie 20 Grad besonders gründlich und schonend gereinigt, was einen sehr geringen Energieverbrauch garantiert. EcoDrive: Digitaler Inverter Motor mit 10 Jahre Garantie LED Trommelbeleuchtung - keine Teile mehr übersehen Leistung und Verbrauch: Ladevolumen (kg): 8 Energieeffizienzklasse: A+++ (A+++ = sehr geringer Energiebedarf - D = sehr hoher Energiebedarf) Gewich, , weiß, Herz
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    bei CSMusiksysteme GmbH
    help Cambridge Audio Azur 551R V2 The complete AV hub AV receivers deliver features and effects processing, but amplification and sound quality is often an afterthought. This is because manufacturers prefer to concentrate on cramming the latest flavour of the month feature into the product. The Azur 551R V2 is the perfect solution for a powerful surround sound home cinema experience together with a stunning audio performance, without compromise. At Cambridge Audio we always ensure our receivers deliver the same audio performance levels as our award winning stereo amplifiers. So, the 551R V2 will give you great room-shaking movie effects, but unlike many other receivers on the market it will also deliver incredibly high-quality musical reproduction. We only use pure audiophile components, including the high performance toroidal transformer which is why the 551R V2 is one of the most powerful AV receivers in its class. The versatile 551R V2 caters for a wide range of set ups and systems, with six HDMI inputs for Blu-ray, gaming, or satellite TV while the six RCA connections will produce the very best audio from traditional hi-fi equipment. It s easy to set up, while the intuitive remote control and front panel, which includes a line input, ensures anyone can enjoy it. Impressively all this power fits in an elegant box that s just 110mm (4.3 ) high, so even the smallest AV units and shelves will comfortably accommodate it. Ausstattung: Good things come in small packages! At only 110mm (4.3 ) high the 551R V2 fits on almost all shelves and racks and is one of the most powerful AV Receivers in its class. Home cinema Supporting surround sound speaker configurations up to 7.1, the 551R V2 outputs 110 Watts of power per channel, delivering superb power, punch and dynamics and brings movies to life in true hi-fi quality. Hi-fi stereo The 551R V2 has been specifically designed to ensure it s more than an AV receiver, delivering an exceptional stereo performance with a powerful 110 Watts per channel. You can connect a wide range of source equipment and enjoy high performance stereo audio. Furthermore, the front mounted MP3 connection allows anyone to quickly and easily connect an iPod or laptop to the 551R V2. Simple setup You can easily set the 551R V2 up by yourself using the Cambridge Audio Mic Controlled (CAMCAS) auto speaker setup. For quick and simple installation in any room this system uses the supplied microphone to perform multiple measurements of the listening environment and automatically sets the receiver up for optimum use dependent on your room s acoustics. Twin video outputs The 551R V2 features two HDMI outputs. These can be used to run two displays at the same time; ideal if you have a screen in a second room, or want to use a projector for movies, but a TV screen for day to day use. Support for the latest formats With the very latest technologies including the Cirrus Logic dual 32-bit DSP for compatibility with all the latest CODECs and format Herz
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    help Put these black MDR-10 BLK headphones on your head and you'll know instantly that Sony has delivered the goods once again. Whether you like classical musical music, generic pop or heavy metal, these headphones can handle your favourite tracks with Herz
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    help The straightforward design of this Fender T-shirt makes that it is suitable for virtually any occasion. The rustic colours can be combined with practically anything. Not only that, this T-shirt also shows everyone which guitars you prefer playing. A Herz
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    help Beschreibung aktuell leider nur englisch-sprachig verfügbar New fin with interchangeable blade. The foot pockets in all Razor fins combine comfort and efficiency. They are designed to deliver the maximum amount of thrust while maintaining ideal comfort. The flexible blade features ribbing is particularly well suited for people who prefer a soft but very responsive fin for fishing at average depths and covering large distances on the surface. The material used in the fin offers optimal resistance to blows, even at very low temperatures.While its color is discrete, it still ensures the visibility needed for a buddy to monitor the diver from the surface. Herz
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    bei 21run
    help SIBERIUS GLOVE For those who still prefer a glove to a mitt on thefrostiest day, our Siberius glove features a plush,brushed interior, an extended cuff with elasticat wrist to keep cold out, and our DWR-coatedSonicShell on top of the hands for wet weatherprotection. - - Terry thumb wipes - - Siberius temperature gauge - - Reflective seam piping on top of hand - - Magnetic fasteners to keep pairs togetherwhen not in use STRETCH JERSEYFLEECE - - 93% Polyester,7% Spandex Herz
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    help Do you want to show everyone that you prefer Fender instruments? You can with these Fender T-shirts! This simple edition features the white original logo on a 100% cotton black shirt. Fender T-Shirt 100% Baumwolle Farbe: schwarz mit original Herz
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    help This Talman TCY10E-TBS electro-acoustic western guitar is the perfect instrument for guitarists who want that full, warm sound of an acoustic guitar but prefer the feel of an electric solid-body guitar. Ibanez TCY10E-TBS Talman electro-acoustic Herz
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    help If you're a new guitar player looking for a good guitar with an affordable price then this Yamaha Pacifica 012 is ideal for you. No frills, just the great sound and playability that Yamaha guitars are known for. Whether you prefer a red, blue or Herz
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    help This microphone stand has a heavy base and an adjustable telescopic tube. It is ideal when you prefer to keep your hands free during presentations, meetings and musicals. - tube length: 24 to 40 cm - heavy base - 5/8 inch female - 3/8 inch male Herz
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    help Collectible die-cast miniature model Herz
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    help * Great sounds; * 2 different car models.; * Very realistic physics and parking system.; * Easy of use; * Enjoy the realistic on-screen controls; * Toggle your camera if you prefer other views to play Herz
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    help Ship Simulator 3D is, as you probably guessed by the name, the boating equivalent of that model. It caters for those of us who prefer to live without being hunted down by destroyers or sinking to the bottom in a blaze of cordite-clouded glory and just want to sail a boat. One interesting feature is that there are Ship Simulator 3D puzzle game, memory game and block game. There are also HD ship wallpapers for you to enjoy and download too.; Thankfully, there's a free-roaming mode, which means you can hit the high seas within a few minutes instead of starting in a port as you do with a majority of campaign missions. In free roam, you can select from several dozen ships, ranging from hovercrafts to cruise liners, before selecting a launch location. You can customise the experience further by selecting a certain time or weather condition, but the setup is prone to errors. You can, for example, select places where there's not quite enough depth beneath your keel and as a result, you're grounded before you've even started. Herz
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    help 1.Diving depth: Max. Up to 20m; suggested 15m; 2.Material: PC+PMMA+PVC+ABS; 3.Farbe: Please choose the color you prefer.; 4.Inner space Size: ca 14x 10.5x 0.35cm, 5.Transparent Lens length: ca 3cm ,6.Transparent Lens Diameter:ca 4cm; 7.Compatible camera model: digital camera with zoom lens,8.please measure your camera size to check Herz
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    help Durable and built to last long; Accurate testing results guaranteed; Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubber; Heavy-duty and lightweight with its aluminum construction.; Equipped with scale measurement which provides direct reading,Easy to focus and calibrate. Herz
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